Nature Imprint tableware is a ceramic celebration of Montreal’s local urban flora. Founder and maker Geneviève Gallant fashions each piece with the physical imprint of one of the many diverse herbs and trees that flourish throughout the city’s neighbourhoods: ash, cedar, Queen Anne’s lace, ginkgo, and more. Decorative, functional, and one-of-a-kind, each Nature Imprint piece brings the spirit of the city’s wild spaces into people's kitchens and dining rooms.

Nature Imprint tableware items are made from porcelain, glazed and fired at 1222°C (2232°F). Most pieces are dishwasher-safe. Only the ones with gold luster on the rim require special care and hand washing is advised.

The Nature Imprint collection is now available at four participating stores in Quebec and five in Ontario.


Geneviève Gallant has worked with her hands from a young age, whether collecting rocks and feathers or pursuing creative projects in her family’s garage. While studying fine art at Concordia University, she discovered working with clay and never looked back.


Inspired by nature, not only in the countryside but also in the fields, parks, and wild corners of Montreal’s urban environments, Geneviève decided to work with the flora in the vicinity of her Saint-Henri studio to produce decorative yet practical objects. Simple and minimalist, this items in this ceramic collection honour and emphasize the forms and textures of these ubiquitous local, urban species.


Nature Imprint is proud to offer a handmade product made in a minimal waste studio where 95% of raw materials used in the process become durable goods to be enjoyed for years to come.

At our studio we take steps to:

  • Recycle all our clay scraps

  • Source most of our containers and packaging material from post industry waste

  • Reduce packaging to bare minimum

  • Reduce our water consumption by changing it every five days

  • Recycle what we cannot reuse

  • Re-evaluate our practices regularly in order to optimize them


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