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The Nature Imprint collection was born from the desire to take a break from our hectic lifestyle and take the time to admire the beauty that surrounds us.

Nature Imprint tableware is a ceramic celebration of Montreal’s local urban flora. Founder and maker Geneviève Gallant fashions each piece with the physical imprint of one of the many diverse herbs and trees that flourish throughout the city’s neighbourhoods: ash, cedar, Queen Anne’s lace, ginkgo, and more. Decorative, functional, and one-of-a-kind, each Nature Imprint piece brings the spirit of the city’s wild spaces into people's kitchens and dining rooms.

Nature Imprint tableware items are made from porcelain, glazed and fired at 1222°C (2232°F). Most pieces are dishwasher-safe. Only the ones with gold luster on the rim require special care and hand washing is advised.


The Nature Imprint collection is now available online and at participating stores.



Genevieve is the artisan, designer and all-hats-wearing person behind Nature Imprint. She enjoys working with her hands and the millions of textures and color combination pottery can offer. She has ambitions of growing an indoor tropical garden out of her studio. 

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