This one of a kind piece of art will look great in any room. Perfect for creating that countryside chic or natural luxury style you were looking for in your home.  


This is a one of a kind piece so what you see is what you get. It'll come in the mail with the hardware needed to hang in on the wall. This framed tile is our medium size in the reference photos. 


This piece is resitant to moisture and sunlight so you'll be able to display it anywhere in your home, even in places where you wouldn't typically place artwork.

Framed botanical art tile in green

  • This item measures 23 cm (9 in) by 23 cm (9 in)


    The tile is from porcelain and fired at cone 6


    The frame is custom built out of pine and finished in a very dark brown


    Handmade our minimal waste studio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada