This tall vase is great to showcase cut flowers of all kinds; roses on romantic nights, tulips in the spring and handpicked wildflower bouquets in the summer.


It will clean up easily and be very durable.


Our classic white vase blends in with most decors. It is glazed with a transparent glaze which lets the white color of the porcelain show through.


On our 'natural' colored vase, the porcelain is tinted black and glazed with a translucent cream glaze which enhances the birch texture. The inside is glazed in green with turquoise effects


The vase is made from a mold of a real birch branch. Each one is hand poured, glazed and fired in our Montreal studio.


Please note that the piece you'll receive will be very similar to the one in the pictures, but some variations may occur due to the handmade nature of our process.

Tall vase with birch texture

  • This item measures 8 cm (3 '') in diameter

    by 27 cm (10 1/2'') in depth.


    Made from porcelain and fired at cone 6.


    Food and dishwasher safe.


    Handmade our minimal waste studio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada