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Pair of Ceramic Coasters with Tree of Life Motif

Pair of Ceramic Coasters with Tree of Life Motif

Pair of Ceramic Coasters with Tree of Life Motif, Draped in Enchanting Bottle Green Glaze


Immerse yourself in the subtle sophistication offered by our exquisite pair of ceramic coasters. These coasters are adorned with an entrancing tree of life motif and coated in our distinct and vibrant bottle green glaze. This duo seamlessly blends practicality and aesthetics, introducing a dash of uniqueness into every occasion.


Product Highlights:


1. Raised Tree of Life Design: Fashioned from an exclusive stencil meticulously created and cut by Nature Imprint, the raised tree of life design promises a captivating tactile encounter. This timeless emblem, symbolizing vitality, growth, and interconnectedness, adds layers of profound meaning to your daily interactions.


2. Alluring Bottle Green Hue: The deep and calming bottle green shade saturates each coaster, evoking the grandeur of nature while seamlessly integrating into various settings with its versatile appeal.


3. Exceptional Endurance: Crafted from ceramic fired at high temperatures, these coasters boast remarkable sturdiness. Rounded corners provide chip resistance, while the robust glaze ensures resistance against scuffing, preserving their undiminished allure for years to come.


4. Natural Cork Underside: The coasters are thoughtfully lined with natural cork, delivering dual functionality. The cork serves as a protective shield between the ceramic and the surface, fending off marks and scratches, while introducing a warm and environmentally conscious touch.


5. Handcrafted Uniqueness: The delicate artistry invested in each coaster gives rise to nuanced variations, making each piece distinctly one-of-a-kind. These variations celebrate the craftsmanship and creativity behind their creation.


6. Set of Two: Your order includes a meticulously curated set of two coasters, ideal for enhancing your dining table, work area, or relaxation spaces.


7. Dimensions: Each coaster measures 8 cm in diameter and stands at a height of 0.8 cm.


Elevate your everyday experiences by infusing each sip with artistic and symbolic meaning. Whether as a personal indulgence or a thoughtful gift, these coasters encapsulate artistry and significance. Secure your order today to encapsulate the essence of craftsmanship and beauty within your abode.


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